4 Things People Tend to Forget When Packing for Holiday

4 Things People Tend to Forget When Packing for Holiday
4 Things People Tend to Forget When Packing for Holiday

When it comes to packing your suitcase ahead of a vacation in the sun or a city break, there are essentially two different types of people.

4 Things People Tend to Forget When Packing for Holiday
4 Things People Tend to Forget When Packing for Holiday

Some people tend to plan their suitcase and packing list meticulously and have everything signed, sealed, and delivered a week or more before the day of their flight. Conversely, others choose to stuff everything they think they may need into their case the night before.

However, what both groups of people have in common is that there is usually something they forget – and some of these are as follows:

1. Travel Adaptors and Phone Chargers

Not only are phone chargers one of the most common items people tend to forget to pack when going on a trip, but so are travel adaptors – which are often needed for plugging anything electrical into a foreign outlet that isn’t the same as the style in your home country.

It is true to say that the airport will more than likely sell such travel adaptors, as well as probably even the make and model of chargers that will fit your phone. However, this is likely to cost you significantly more than usual at the airport as they are notorious for selling overpriced goods – so do not forget to pack your own before leaving!

2. E-Liquid

For people who engage in vaping, it is often the case that when checking they have a spare battery, the right charger, associated adaptor, and extra coils, the e-liquid itself is left behind.

Luckily, there is no lack of reputable specialists in vape juice and all matters relating to e-cigarettes where you can stock up on e-juices ahead of your trip. Sites like redjuice.co.uk will be able to supply you with a wide range of different flavors, strengths, and any other vape devices and accessories you might need for your vacation.

3. A First-Aid Kit

Even though there will hopefully be no need for you to be looking in your suitcase for a first-aid kit at any point during your travels, it is certainly something you should always pack – especially when traveling abroad.

A basic travel first-aid kit should contain the following, at the very least:

  • Scissors, tweezers, and sticky tape
  • Disposable sterilized gloves
  • Digital thermometer
  • Bandaids of all shapes and sizes
  • Gauze dressings in different sizes
  • Skin cream
  • Anti-bite cream
  • Ibuprofen and paracetamol
  • Eye bath and eye wash
  • Bandages in different sizes

4. A Camera Memory Card

Another common item often forgotten in the excitement of planning a vacation and the organization involved is a memory card for a digital camera. Whether there’s a wedding or honeymoon involved during the trip, or you are traveling to a once-in-a-lifetime destination, photographs are more important than ever.

If you are someone who regularly uses a variety of different social media platforms, you may feel as if a camera is not necessary. Still, you should always have one with you for more intimate and private memories and moments that you do not want to share online.


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