Digital Marketing for B2B Companies in 2021—What Changes?

Although many digital marketing strategies will remain the same in 2021, some new technologies and changes in consumer behavior will bring about significant changes in B2B digital marketing.

Digital Marketing for B2B Companies in 2021—What Changes?
Digital Marketing for B2B Companies in 2021—What Changes?

The following are trends that will affect the future of digital marketing for businesses:

1. Online Marketing Budgets Will Focus on Mobile to Compensate for Shrinking Desktop Traffic

According to recent study, mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop usage around the world. By 2021 there will be more than 7 billion smartphone users worldwide, which is double the number of desktop computer users. This growing trend towards mobile devices means that B2B marketers should develop their online marketing campaigns with mobile optimization at its core. Keep up with changing user preferences by optimizing websites for smaller screens and developing content that caters to mobile users.

2. The Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Be More Widespread

Today, AI is already being used in combination with other marketing techniques like machine learning for tasks like ad delivery and predictive analytics tools. These topics are still relatively new to marketers, but by 2021 they will likely become more widespread. By then it will be common knowledge that AI can help B2B marketers analyze customer behavior trends and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns based on this data. Tools like IBM Watson can also assist marketers in segmenting customers into different categories, selecting relevant content for the segments, generating personalized contact lists, sending out email campaigns and much more without human intervention.

3. Will Be an Increase in Video Marketing

Over the next five years, digital video consumption will increase by around 25%. This trend has led to an increase in consumer demand for quality video content. By 2021, video marketing tools will be even more widely used in helping businesses meet this demand through the use of videos that explain how their products or services work. Videos are also likely to be incorporated into sales representatives’ pitches in helping them demonstrate their product’s functionalities and convey their message more effectively.

4. Digital Marketing Tools Will Become More Integrated with CRM Systems

By 2021, digital marketing tools will become so advanced that they are seamlessly integrated with CRM systems rather than working as standalone platforms. This means that B2B marketers will have access to a much broader range of analytics insights and customer information to help improve their campaigns. They will also be able to automate certain processes and measure campaign efficiencies in real-time.

This trend will allow marketers to work more efficiently and streamline many marketing efforts within their organization.

5. Marketing Automation Will be More Widespread

Marketing automation is already becoming a hot topic today, and by 2021 it will become even more widespread. This industry-wide adoption of marketing automation means that customers can expect digital advertising content to become more personalized and relevant than ever before. By then, B2B customers should have no problem finding information about products on the web or on social media tailored to meet their unique interests, needs and demographics all while doing what they want with little human interaction.

6. Digital Marketing Will Become More Collaborative

Although digital marketing techniques such as AI will bring about greater changes, the basic tenets of good marketing like collaboration will never change. B2B marketers should continue making use of online forums and communities for staying up-to-date with industry developments and learn from peers’ experiences. Regular communication with fellow marketers is also necessary for keeping abreast of new tools and technologies that can make a business’s marketing more effective and efficient in the long run.

By 2021, successful B2B digital marketing campaigns will be those that take into account the latest consumer and industry trends and utilize advanced technology to meet these needs. Businesses that don’t make the necessary changes risk becoming obsolete in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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