How to make different types of display boxes to showcase items in shops?

Display boxes hold an enormous value in the successful launch of the product. When the customers go shopping, the display box will impact their thoughts and opinions about the item. Sometimes customers purchase the product due to the engaging display box. To extendedly market items, think of placing display boxes on areas where they are easily accessible such as supermarkets and stores. This technique will boost sales.

How to make different types of display boxes to showcase items in shops?
How to make different types of display boxes to showcase items in shops?

Various labels use this approach to market their new items and showcase them to the public. In this competitive industry, every establishment must make better display boxes. Display boxes are usually vivid and very enticing to encourage impulsive buying. A display box with accurate information and inviting offers using minimal space at the supermarket will get the sale. Thus, shop display boxes are necessary for a brand to attract potential customers and introduce items.

Types of Shop Display Boxes:

Display boxes are of different types in the markets. Such as one can find countertop displays, floor displays, power wings, endcaps. These are highly beneficial for appealing to the audience. Some display boxes are so beautiful that sellers prefer them as they work as shop or stores decoration. These boxes not only protect and hold the product but also showcase them in absolute perfection.

The display boxes allure customers towards the products and increase the product sales.  One needs to determine which kind of display boxes will meet the product’s requirements. Here are different types of shop display boxes to introduce products:

Countertop shop displays:

These displays are placed on top of the counter or next to the cashier. These are usually small boxes made of cardboard. One can find these in every store around us in different stores and markets. These displays would be the first thing to strike customers when they come for billing. This will naturally boost the product sale. These are best for displaying small products, such as candies, chocolates, magazines, some cosmetics or medications, etc.

When a person reaches the counter, these will undoubtedly enter his sight and urge them to purchase them. Thus, countertop displays are effective in raising product sales. These displays are beneficial to raise product awareness and sales.

Floor display for shop:

The most common type of display boxes is floor display. As the name signifies, these displays are placed on the floor. These are big displays, usually preset at big supermarkets or grocery stores. Floor displays are also sturdier and stronger than any other display boxes. For this, these are made from sturdy corrugated cardboard. Here are some popular types of floor display:

  • Stand-up floor display:

The stand-up floor display is generally present in stores for various products. There are styles to make these floor displays. The most common one is the book or brochure stand-up displays. The bin style is like a big bin to hold different balls. Thus, there are endless styles to make these displays. Stand-up display boxes draw attention to your product and increase the business.

  • Tier floor displays:

Tier displays are for showcasing multiple products while highlighting each item in one place. Tier displays emphasize all the products separately within minimal space. For more proficient effect, add a header to these display boxes to gain greater customer attention. Tier displays have sections, thus allows to keep and present products in their specified place. Therefore, tier displays are effective for displaying low-selling or versatile items.

Power Wing displays for shop:

Power wing displays are popularly known as sidekicks. These are best to present large products and efficiently accommodate multiple products. Power wings usually have two parts, the header, and the base. The base is adjustable and allows to either place these on the floor or hang them. So, one can attach them to main shelves or any fixed structure inside a supermarket and store.

This hanging ability is the main reason why these are known as sidekicks. To effectively market products, one can utilize power wings in multiple ways. Such as these should be hanged at eye level to promote impulsive purchases.

Endcaps for shop displays:

The power wings are often confused as end caps. However, power wings are attached to the shelves, whereas endcaps are placed at the end of the aisle. These are fixed on the available place at the aisle or pallet. Thus, these are space-saving and best for marketing fewer selling products.

End caps have racks or shelves to hold the product. These display boxes are sturdy and can hold a large number of items. It is recognized to give a brand a competitive benefit. So, endcap displays are naturally attractive to customers and increase product awareness and sales.


To conclude, there are different types of shop display boxes to showcase items in shops and markets. These might be countertop, floor, power wing, or endcap display. The usage of these depends upon product and display box location.

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