Everything You Need To Understand About: How To Add a Header Template Oxygen

How To Add a Header Template Oxygen
How To Add a Header Template Oxygen

In that article, you can learn how to add a header template oxygenThe header is crucial in real estate and is now available on online platforms. The header can provide you with many services to your website according to your type of organization. However, sometimes you have to manage a tone for each page on which it will appear as branding, and in some cases, it will represent itself as a navigation tool. Although sometimes these tools have been disregarded, the website headers are more important in the online world and real estate. That would be the first impression for visitors.

How To Add a Header Template Oxygen
How To Add a Header Template Oxygen

Everything about Header

Generally, the header is an element of graphic or typographic, which can get a good impression from visitors and will be on top of your website’s main page. Your website can be easily identified if you have a header and mentioned colors according to your company and emblem. Different headers work; differently, some headers are quick clickable and will return the visitors to your home page and work efficiently as the primary navigation tool. You can keep the headlines centered on different brands, content pieces, and CTA. Headers are crucial when you are using them to advertise promotions or messages. If we talk about header design, they are present in different forms like fixed and sticky headers.

Oxygen Page Builder

There are two types of builders oxygen builder and theme builder, but the oxygen builder works efficiently compared to other themes. Generally, this builder has a hybrid tool, and it provides the users most powerful and possible creations for their website. The oxygen builder has many features that will allow users with different technology skill levels to maintain the design for their websites. This builder would be better for those who avoid complicated coding and page and building processes. Here you can get a lot of different features from simple to advanced, such as applying simply drag and drop, editing methods, and they will work amazingly for the development of the website. The oxygen builder has dependable tools, but you must have information about these tools and how to add a header template oxygen for your websites.

Installing Oxygen Builder

You can create headers, pop up, footers, and main content by just using oxygen builder for your website. When you install oxygen builder, the two options will represent a blank installation and a default installation. According to the blank installation, you will not get headers, content, and footers. And in a default installation, you will get a header and footer, and you can add content. If you want to use a premade template, it will be on top of the screen. Here you will get a set of 18 templates and 18 headers & footers. It’s your choice which type of design you select for your website. If you want to add a header from the template library, you must go to the Oxygen menu on the left sidebar of the WordPress dashboard.


The newly launched oxygen builder is a powerful WordPress builder. You can get access to the different advanced features by this builder, and it has a unique theme feature for WordPress editing functionality compared to other page builders. The oxygen theme works independently and does not interfere with different editing tools. It can confuse you a little bit just because of its advanced features; you have first to become familiar with its plugin, and you will be able to create almost anything. Getting information about how to add a header template oxygen should be your first step before doing anything. You will get a user-friendly interface on this builder for beginners and professionals.


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