How To Change Light Mode on a Fantech Keyboard: Authentic Tips And Guidelines

How To Change Light Mode on a Fantech Keyboard
How To Change Light Mode on a Fantech Keyboard

Change Light Mode on a Fantech Keyboard

Suppose you try changing the light mode on a Fantech keyboard that will be at your fingertips after knowing about some short tricks. It’s crucially important to know if you have a Fantech keyboard that how to change light mode on a Fantech keyboardThat would be very easy to change light mode by holding and pressing the function (Fn) key and then pressing the given keys to change the required light mode.

How To Change Light Mode on a Fantech Keyboard
How To Change Light Mode on a Fantech Keyboard
  • Press F1 for Normal Light
  • Press F2 for the slow blinking light
  • Press F3 for the sharp blinking light
  • Press F4 for Strong green light
  • Press F5 for Strong red light

There are some authentic ways below that you can adopt while changing the light mode on your Fantech Keyboard. You can also press the light button on top of the right-hand side of your keyboard; that would be the first step. Here you will get three different options light modes by naming low, off, and high. You can also apply the second option, in which you have to go to the setting option of the Fantech keyboard. To find the setting go to the Start Menu and find “Fantech Keyboard Settings” in the search bar. Here, you can easily change the light mode by clicking on one of the three buttons at the bottom of this window: low, high, and off.


Fantech keyboard has made according to the user-friendly environment, which provides you with authentic ways to do your work or anything you want easily. Fantech keyboard is based on a few options, such as smart light mode, allowing you to alter the light mode without interfering with any external software. If you want to change the feature, you have to click on the special light change button and choose the dark or light LED lights you want. The setting will be the same once you have selected it, but before doing that, you have information about: how to change light mode on a Fantech keyboard. 

Light Mode Options On Fantech Keyboard

The Fantech keyboard has a lot of light mode options for every individual worker, and these light modes will allow the users for different working conditions. Below we have discussed some important features and light mode options of the Fantech Keyboard.

  • Power Save Mode: this option will save more energy by decreasing the backlight and reducing the functions of the cursor.
  • Work Mode: whenever you work, you can on the work mode option, which will give you illumination for typing, and you can easily type in low-light environments.
  • Night Mode: this option is more reliable when you work at midnight, the backlight will dim, and the cursor will only respond when you use it.
  • Quick Launch: this option will provide you launch application quickly by just clicking on the key multiple times.


Before selecting this setting, take information about different features of the Fantech keyboard and how to change light mode on a Fantech keyboard. This keyboard is very simple with powerful tools and made for users of different skill levels. You can use this keyboard if you are a game developer, software engineer, or a student doesn’t matter; it will suit every person. It’s not a big issue if you are a beginner or professional; this technology will become your work easy, and you can work more smoothly and efficiently. The keyboard has a comfortable design and clear key labels, allowing a typist to work efficiently.

Getting the information first and then applying it to your work is imperative. If you want more information, you can search the Internet and collect the data from different websites. This keyboard has a lot of features for different working environments.


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