Nicole Junkermann’s perspective on Femtech

Nicole Junkermann Femtech
Nicole Junkermann Femtech

Nicole Junkermann Femtech is a global business person and investor, and the organizer behind NJF Holdings, a worldwide investment organization with interests in funding, confidential value, and land

Nicole Junkermann Femtech
Nicole Junkermann Femtech

Through NJF’s funding arm, NJF Capital, Nicole oversees an arrangement of the north of 30 start-ups across three continents, remembering for healthcare, FinTech, and profound tech.

The rise of Femtech

“Femtech”- innovation outfitted to work on women’s lives – is a flourishing market expected to be valued at $50 billion by 2025.

Investing in Femtech companies is essential for our normal future. A market concerns over half of the total populace. Women experience specific health issues and I am always searching for opportunities to invest in exceptional and creative companies attempting to solve these.

A genuine illustration of one of the problems specifically looked by women was addressed in a new Ted Talk by driving neuroscientist Lisa Mosconi, who made sense of what the menopause means for the mind and how women are more probable than men to be diagnosed with a tension disorder or depression, also headaches and migraines.

One positive improvement of the rise of Femtech is the quantity of female-established businesses in this sector, something which is sadly ailing every day in the start-up world. For instance, a new JP Morgan study showed that in the UK, simply 9% of subsidizing to new businesses was to female-drove UK start-ups, and from investment financing, this figure is even lower – just 1%.

At NJF Capital, we are pleased to be invested in two notable Femtech companies, which are Elvie and Cadence Health.


Based in London, Elvie is one of the early pioneers of the quickly developing Femtech sector. Its first two inventive products, the Elvie Trainer and the multi-grant-winning Elvie Pump, the world’s first silent wearable breast siphon, are catching the creative mind of female consumers all over the place and are rehashing healthcare as we probably are aware it by giving women back control and independence of their bodies.

Elvie has a long-haul guide to foster powerful, user-accommodating products and smart innovation equipped for supporting women in a wide range of aspects of their lives. As the Co-Founder, Tania Boler herself said, Elvie’s desire is to turn into the ‘Apple of women’s tech’ and its mission is to internationally further develop women’s health outcomes.

The organization has raised more than $53 million in financing to date, upheld by Sir Michael Spencer’s IPGL alongside Impact Ventures and NJF Capital, and has been highlighted in the scope of high-profile media from Vogue to Forbes to Women’s Health. Its products have even found their direction into Oscar Nominee Gift Bags and, impressively, the Elvie Pump sold out in somewhere around five minutes of its U.S. market debut last year.

Cadence Health

Cadence Health is a women’s health start-up focused on giving a cost-viable conception prevention pill that will be available without a prescription. Focusing on the US market, where such contraceptives are presently just accessible by prescription, the organization’s pill will give women the choice to forestall undesirable or accidental pregnancies, especially those who don’t have insurance or who are helpless.

It is said that almost 50% of pregnancies in the US are undesirable and a large number of them are teenagers, who never proceed to finish High School, with every one of the monetary consequences that this brings. Driven by long-term general health promoter and business person, Dr. Nap Hosang, Cadence Health is determined to free the pill and cut out stakeholders, such as doctors and pharmacists, who each right now get a cut when medication companies sell prescription pills at expanded prices.

What I especially preferred about Cadence Health was the vision and passion of Nap and his group. All things considered, I invest first in individuals. What Cadence Health is doing is enabling women, especially youthful or disadvantaged women, to pursue their own important decisions by opening up the market for easy, reasonable contraception.


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